WINTER LEAGUE FINAL 2012-13, Saturday 17th August, 9:15am

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WINTER LEAGUE FINAL 2012-13, Saturday 17th August, 9:15am

Post  Dan on Wed Aug 14, 2013 2:22 am

Hi all,

It's been a long time coming Very Happy but this edition of the winter league should be completed this weekend as Damion and Callum take on Dorian and myself for the final honours. Match report to follow.


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Re: WINTER LEAGUE FINAL 2012-13, Saturday 17th August, 9:15am

Post  Dan on Sun Aug 18, 2013 6:56 am

The conclusion of the 2012-13 Winter League was reached this morning with the long awaited Final contested by last year’s Champions Dorian Wiszniewski and Dan Laidlaw, aiming to defend their title against ‘rookies’ Damion Corrigan and Callum Regan.

Conditions were extremely blustery with frequent showers punctuating what was on the whole a pleasant sunny morning. The course was in good shape, the greens running true and at reasonable pace.

Damion and Callum flew into a 3 hole lead after 3. Both made birdies on the first - Damion holing a super putt from 10 feet and Callum narrowly missing from 20 feet for eagle. Dorian and Dan both missing from inside 15 feet for birdie. Callum made an excellent up-and-down on 2 to save par, Dorian hit a great chip to 3 feet by narrowly missed. Callum followed up with another super chip and a putt on 3 to save par, after Dan had missed from 5 feet for par.

The 4th was halved, Dorian making 5n4 - equalled by Callum’s 4 (a fantastic up and down from the right hand side of the green) and Damion’s 5n4.

The 5th was won by Dan making a tricky up and down to save par from through the back of the green.

The next three holes were halved, Callum confidently holing out from 15 feet on 6 for par, Dorian knocking in from 5ft to save the half. Dan got up and down from the back of the 7th green to make 4 and match Damion’s 5n4. Dan and Callum both 2 putted from inside 20 feet on the 8th for par.

The ninth saw Damion hit an excellent pitch from a fairway bunker to 20 feet, this after Dan had taken a trip into the burn from the same hazard. With Dorian making 5, a two putt par from Damion was enough to take him and Callum into a commanding 3 hole lead at the turn.

The 10th was won by Dan with a two putt par from around 15 feet. Dan and Dorian both made use of their strokes on 11 to make a pair of 4n3’s. Callum hit a lovely approach to around 10 feet but failed to convert the putt for the half, and suddenly the match was on a knife edge with Damion and Callum 1up after 11.

The 12th was halved Dan and Dorian both making 5s and Damion holing out from 5 feet for a 6n5.

Dan’s 4 on the 13th was matched by Damion’s 5n4 for a half.

With Dorian in the burn on 14 and Callum chipping on from the left hand side of the green, Dan holed out from 25 feet for birdie leaving Damion with a 20 footer for the half - which slipped by the edge and the match was all square.

Dorian and Damion were both effectively out of the 15th hole, with Callum and Dan on in two. Callum’s putt slipped by from 40 feet, and Dan knocked in from 10 feet for a second birdie to steal the lead for the first time in the match.

The 16th was halved by Dorian and Damion, both hitting excellent drives up the middle, irons into the greens and solid two putt 4n3’s.

With the pin nicely accessible on the front of the 17th all four of us played nice aggressive second shots after good drives. Callum knocked his second to pin high in the rough on the left hand side of the green - Dan a couple of yards short of the front edge - Dorian pin high on the right hand side of the green - and Damion in the bunker short of the green. Callum chipped to 6 feet, Damion chipped out to 25 feet past the hole, Dan putted to 3 feet past the hole and Dorian putted 6 feet past the hole.  Damion knocked his putt in for a terrific 4 but Dorian responded well knocking in his for the half.

With Dorian OOB right off the 18th tee, Dan knocked his drive up the middle, followed my Damion, and Callum found the rough on the right. After Callum left his short of the burn, Dan knocked it to 25 feet. Damion went through the back of the green and shortly after hands were shaken confirming Dan and Dorian as Winter League Champions for the second year running.

Many thanks to Damion and Callum for taking part in an exciting and competitive match, and also to all the other teams in the Winter League pool for playing their part in the competition. Arranging so many matches once again for each team has been a bit of a challenge, so thank you for all persevering - I hope it has provided you all with some entertaining and competitive golf over the Winter (and latterly Summer) period.


(P.S. - Very much hope you will all be able to take part in the 2013-14 edition starting sometime in October/November!)


1.  5  -  4   (DC/CR +1)
2.  4  -  3   (DC/CR +2)
3.  5  -  4   (DC/CR +3)
4.  n4  -  4
5.  4  -  5   (DC/CR +2)
6.  3  -  3
7.  4  -  n4
8.  5  -  5
9.  5  -  4   (DC/CR +3)

10.  3  -  4   (DC/CR +2)
11.  n3  -  4   (DC/CR +1)
12.  5  -  n5
13.  4  -  n4
14.  2  -  3   (ALL SQUARE)
15.  3  -  4   (DW/DL +1)
16.  n3  -  n3
17.  4  -  4
18.  4  -  NS   (DW/DL +2)

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