Winter League 2014-15: Format and Rules

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Winter League 2014-15: Format and Rules

Post  Dan on Sat Oct 04, 2014 8:00 am

1. Organisation of matches

Previously I had a fairly hands on role with assisting organisation of matches. This year due to other commitments, I am unable to commit as much time as I would like to making this run smoothly. Consequently I have arranged smaller groups of 4 teams. Each team will be responsible for arranging their own fixtures throughout the competition and it is essential that teams adopt a pro-active approach to arranging matches.

Please confirm with your partner the weekend dates you will be free each month. Then approach the teams in your group you still need to play to confirm fixture dates.

If you have to cancel a match that has been arranged, please let your partner and opponents know as soon as possible. Please do not cancel matches lightly - remember there are 3 other players involved in each tie who are committing their time to each match. There has been frustration in the past due to last minute cancellations by some players who have accidentally double-booked themselves. Of course everyone appreciates that there are sometimes other unforseen important commitments which must take precedence, but please be considerate! Where matches have been postponed, please make arrangements with your partner and opponents to play the tie on another agreeable date.

2. Format for each match

- 18 holes 4-Ball Better Ball matchplay.
- Matches are to be played to conclusion of all 18 holes for league formatting. results will be based on the number of holes each team has won, i.e. 'Team A' beats 'Team B' by 6 holes to 4 [with 8 holes halved], or 'Team C' draw's with 'Team D' 4-4 [with 10 holes halved].

3. Handicap allowance

- Under 'Summer' conditions, where no more than 5 holes are played to winter greens - the handicap allowance will be 3/4 difference for each player.
- Under 'Winter' conditions, where 6 or more holes are played to winter greens - the handicap allowance will be 1/2 difference for each player.
For clarification, the two holes set up in the central practice area during some winter months are to be treated as holes with 'winter greens'.

Adjustment of Ladies Handicap in Matches
During a match where Men play from the White Medal tees (full measured course SSS72) no adjustment should be made to a Ladies playing handicap prior to calculating handicap allowances.
During a match where Men play forward of the White Medal tees, i.e. from Yellow tees (measured course SSS70), or other Winter tees (not measured or rated), then the Ladies playing handicap should be adjusted by +2, prior to calculating handicap allowances - i.e. playing handicap of 14 is adjusted to 16 prior to calculating handicap allowance.

4.Competition format

- 4 groups of 4 teams.
- The teams finishing in 1st and 2nd place in each group will progress to the quarter finals of the Champions knockout.
- The teams finishing in 3rd and 4th place in each group will progress to the quarter finals of the Choppers knockout.

Each team is guaranteed 3 group matches and at least one knockout match against different opponents. Finalists will play 6 matches in total.

League position will be based in order of the following criteria:
[1] points accumulated - 2 points for a win. 1 point for a draw. 0 points for a loss
[2] where ties in points scored between 2 or more teams occur, the results between those teams only will decide the league ranking in the following criteria:

(a) points accumulated against those teams tied,
(b) hole difference between those teams tied (total holes won minus total holes lost),
(c) highest number of holes won in matches against those teams tied,

If none of the above criteria separate the teams tied then

(d) hole difference from ALL matches (total holes won minus total holes lost)
(e) highest number of holes won in ALL matches.

Note on Gimmies:

There has been some disagreement as to how Gimmies should be awarded in Winter League matches.

(1) The default procedure is that Gimmies will be conceded in the normal fashion - by the discretion of the opposing team.

However, if both teams are in agreement - either of the following may be adopted:

(2) Gimmies can be given on the basis of the ball finishing 'inside the leather' of a standard length putter. If you don't know what that means  study ... please click on spoiler below
Gimmie option 2:


(3) Gimmies can be given on the basis that once a players ball clearly rests on the green, there is a prior agreement that once the first putt is taken, the 2nd putt will be conceded regardless of the first putt's finishing position outwith the hole. This is commonly referred by some in the group as the '2-putt rule'. For guidance, this option is normally for use during icy conditions and only ever on winter greens.

It is advisable that if either (2) or (3) are adopted, that agreement is reached prior to commencing the match.

Given the friendly nature of the matches - and, in the general interest of speeding up play - it is advisable that in most matches option (2) will be adopted. However, it is understandable that some teams will prefer to proceed under the traditional manner (1) and this must be respected.

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