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r2rdbm 2012 rules

Post  Dan on Fri May 04, 2012 1:54 am

Amendments for 2012

- Bonus points awarded for scores of CSS+3 or better (see section 2).
- Minimum divisor spread across the season (see section 3).
- Defending points from 2011 results (see section 5).

1. General considerations

From the outset there were 2 main issues to be resolved to create an order of merit system for our group:

Issue 1 - Individual players will play different numbers of competitions throughout the season.

An incremental points system would disadvantage those who play, say 5 competitions against those who play, say 20, given the greater opportunity to amass points the more competitions you play.

An average points format would allow all players to compete equally irrespective of how many or how few competitions they choose or are available to participate in through the year.

Issue 2 - Different numbers of players will be involved each competition.

One event there may be 10 players from our group competing, the next there may only be 5. A points system which is based solely on our performances against the other members of our group [i.e., 1st place: 10pts, 2nd place: 6 pts, 3rd place: 4pts etc. etc.] would be flawed. For example if only 3 players turned up, and shot nett 76, 80, 88, it would be unfair to dole out 10 pts, 6pts etc.

A system which calculates points as a ratio of the player’s position within the entire field, would reward scoring appropriately, and give an accurate reflection of each player’s achievement.

2. Formula for calculating points awarded after each competition

With the above considerations in mind, I spent some time tinkering with various formulas, and proposed the following last season:

Player 1 scores a nett 72 in the opening competition of the season, finishing in a tie for 14th place. In a field of 154 players, he has comfortably made the 'cut'. Any player finishing in the top 50% of the field will make the 'cut' and receive points. The cut for this competition is 77th place. In this instance, points are based on a ratio of 14 divided by 77:

Pts = 10 - (10 x 14 / 77)
= 10 - 1.82
= 8.18

Bonus points
Last season the format above was adopted. From last season’s results I determined that the average points scored relative to the Competition Scratch Score (CSS) were as follows (with the increase ‘per stroke’ noted in brackets):

Win, 10.0 pts (0.2 pts)
CSS -4, 9.8 pts (0.4 pts)
CSS -3, 9.4 pts (0.3 pts)
CSS -2, 9.1 pts (0.6 pts)
CSS -1, 8.5 pts (0.7 pts)
CSS+0, 7.8 pts (0.9 pts)
CSS+1, 6.9 pts (1.3 pts)
CSS+2, 5.6 pts (1.3 pts)
CSS+3, 4.3 pts (1.3 pts)
CSS+4, 3.0 pts (1.2 pts)
CSS+5, 1.8 pts (0.8 pts)
CSS+6, 1.0 pts (0.6 pts)
CSS+7, 0.4 pts (0.4 pts)
CSS+8, missed cut

These show a significant decline in value per shot under par for scores of CSS-1 or better. To re-balance and reward scoring under handicap, I propose the following additional bonus point system:

Win awarded 20.0 pts

CSS -4, awarded additional 8.0 pts
CSS -3, awarded additional 6.0 pts
CSS -2, awarded additional 4.0 pts
CSS -1, awarded additional 3.0 pts
CSS+0, awarded additional 2.0 pts
CSS+1, awarded additional 1.5 pts
CSS+2, awarded additional 1.0 pts
CSS+3, awarded additional 0.5 pts

In addition, an extra 1.0 pts will be awarded to any player finishing in a tie for 1st place but losing out on count-back.

The effect of the bonus points when applied to last seasons scoring is as follows:

Win, 20.0 pts (2.1 pts)
CSS -4, 17.9 pts (2.3 pts)
CSS -3, 15.6 pts (2.2 pts)
CSS -2, 13.4 pts (1.9 pts)
CSS -1, 11.5 pts (1.7 pts)
CSS+0, 9.8 pts (1.4 pts)
CSS+1, 8.4 pts (1.8 pts)
CSS+2, 6.6 pts (1.8 pts)
CSS+3, 4.8 pts (1.8 pts)
CSS+4, 3.0 pts (1.2 pts)
CSS+5, 1.8 pts (0.8 pts)
CSS+6, 1.0 pts (0.6 pts)
CSS+7, 0.4 pts (0.4 pts)
CSS+8, missed cut

This isn’t a perfect distribution, but it should go some way to giving greater reward to lower scores than last season.

- Points are awarded in every competition to players that finish above the cut line.
- Last season the average cut line was approximately nett 78 (CSS+6) for each event, so there is always still something to play for if slipping a few shots over the buffer zone.
- 20.00 points will be awarded to any player finishing in 1st place, either outright or better inward half.

3. Order of merit league positioning

Each players league position will be determined the average number of points they have scored in each medal. i.e. adding the total number of points gained and dividing this by the number of competitions played.

Player 3 scored:
8.18pts in event 1, 0.00pts in event 2, 9.49pts in event 3 = 17.67pts
AV/PTS = 17.67 / 3 = 5.89

Minimum divisor
To avoid a scenario where someone could play very well in a couple of competitions early doors, and set a target unbeatable for others choosing to play greater number of events, a minimum divisor is applied when calculating the average points of each player. This season, the minimum divisor will again be 6. However, in a change to last year’s format, the season will now be divided into thirds: a Spring Series, a Summer Series and an Autumn Series, with each third carrying a minimum divisor of 2 events. This is to encourage an average point’s distribution which is representative of a season’s achievement, not just a portion of a season.

For example, Player 1 enters:

4 events in the Spring Series
1 event in the Summer Series
3 events in the Autumn Series

The number of events played is 8, however the player has failed to meet the minimum quota of the Summer Series by 1 event, and therefore the divisor applied to their total points is 9.

This seems a fairer measure than introducing a maximum divisor which would benefit those able to compete in 15+ events each season.

4. Eligible competitions

A full fixture list of the 24 eligible competitions is listed below. These take place over the 31 weeks from Sunday 25th March – Saturday 20th October 2012, and include all club medals on Wednesday's, Saturday's and Sunday's.

Pts will be calculated using results from the club website. If any results are unavailable online, I will request them from the club, however if this is not possible then the competition/s in question will be removed from the fixture list irrespective of any potential points gained by players. Hopefully this will not be the case.


Spring Series
1__Sunday 25th March__Duke of Abercorn Cup (Bogey Competition)
2__Saturday 31st March__Professional Cup (Stableford)
3__Wednesday 4th April__Wednesday Medal
4__Saturday 21st April__Howie & Seath Cup
5__Sunday 29th April__Lyle & Scott Salver
6__Wednesday 2nd May__Callaway Cup
7__Saturday 5th May__Salisbury Cup
8*__Saturday 12th May__Spring B Meeting
8*__Sunday 13th May__Spring A Meeting

Summer Series
9__Wednesday 30th May__Tommy Dobson Trophy
10__Saturday 2nd June__Belhaven Bowl
11*__Saturday 9th June__Summer B Meeting
12__Sunday 22nd July__Thomson Jug
13__Wednesday 25th July__Centenary Cup
14__Saturday 4th August__Deer Park Trophy
15__Wednesday 8th August__Wednesday Medal
11* Saturday 25th August Summer A Meeting

Autumn Series
16 Sunday 12th August Joyce Ward Memorial Bowl
17 Wednesday 22nd August Wednesday Medal
18 Sunday 16th September St Columbas Chalice
19 Wednesday 19th September Wednesday Medal
20 Saturday 22nd September Autumn A & B Meetings
21 Wednesday 3rd October Wednesday Medal
22 Saturday 6th October Ronnie Shade Bowl
23 Saturday 20th October Saturday Medal

Jimmy Paterson Memorial due to be played on Sunday 8th July was cancelled - reschedule details TBC (expecting it will take the place of the Medals on Sat 6th or 20th October).

5. Defending points

This season, all players who competed in last years Race will defend the points they won each week. This means that at the start of the year each player begins with their 2011 points earned, and as each competition passes, the results for the 2012 event will replace the 2011. (Note, 2011 rankings and points for each event have been modified to include the introduction of the new bonus points system and new minimum divisor allowance.)

Players will need to match last season’s score to maintain their average point’s value. Scores below will result in a drop in the Av/Pts value. Scores above will result in an increase in the Av/Pts value. Should a player be unable to compete, their pts from the 2011 event will be zeroed, and the divisor reduced by one, providing they still meet the minimum divisor.

2011 pts to be defended are listed below


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